FLORA International Award 2023

FLORA, International Flower Festival, seeks to acknowledge the best floral artists in the world through these awards of international relevance. Two major prizes, awarded by an international panel and amounting to €25,000 and €10,000, respectively, give this Festival – held in a city like Córdoba, which has close ties to the world of flowers – a place in the international agenda. FLORA is an initiative of Zizai Cultura SL.

1.- Purpose and theme.
The purpose of this call for entries is to foster and stimulate creativity and originality in the creation of FLORAL INSTALLATIONS designed under the specified theme, VEGETAL INTELLIGENCE. The aim is to combine the Cordovan patio tradition with the art of contemporary floral installations.

2.- Participants and requirements.
In this sixth competition, the participants shall be artists directly invited by the Festival coming from all over the world, who shall be commissioned to create a FLORAL INSTALLATION in a selected institutional patio in agreement with the event organizers. In addition to the 4 direct invitations, the winner of Patio Talento is invited to participate

3.- Works.
Each artist may submit a single original creative FLORAL INSTALLATION made of natural flowers or plants.

4.- Publication of the call for entries and submission of applications.
The call for entries shall be published on the Festival’s website and in other media channels considered appropriate by the event organizers.

5.- Prizes.

  • 1st FLORA International Prize for Floral Installations 2022: €25,000
  • 2nd FLORA International Prize for Floral Installations 2022: €10,000

The prizes cannot be declared null and void. The decision shall be made and the winners shall be notified at the Festival’s opening event, which shall take place on Friday, October 20, on the Festival’s website and in other media channels considered appropriate by the event organizers.

6.- Judging criteria.

FLORA Festival focuses on artistic rather than technical expertise, and therefore the artists are not required to follow any specific rules in terms of floral techniques besides working with real plants and/or flowers rather than flowers made of paper, plastic or other materials. FLORA shall weigh the artistic aspects of the installation and its integration in the patio more heavily than the technical details of the installation.

In its deliberations and assessment of the FLORAL INSTALLATIONS, the panel shall take into account the following criteria:

  • 6.1 Concept
  • 6.2 Visual quality
  • 6.3 Dialog with the space
  • 6.4 Sustainability
  • 6.5 Originality
  • 6.6 Execution
  • 6.7 Maintenance

By prior arrangement with the event organizers, the panel reserves the right to interpret this call for entries and to resolve cases not stipulated herein and/or any unforeseen circumstances in accordance with the best criterion possible and in the manner that best suits the development of the competition. The panel shall reach its agreements with a majority vote and its decisions shall be final.

7.- Panel.
The panel shall be appointed by the event organizers and shall in all cases be composed of an odd number of no fewer than three members. A representative of the event organizers shall be present throughout the process and shall have speaking but not voting rights. The panel shall consist of professionals and/or representatives of private or institutional entities, both domestic and foreign, selected by the event organizers who meet standards of professionalism, experience and prestige and are directly related to the world of flowers and/or art and/or culture. The panel must understand and abide by the assessment criteria set forth in the rules governing the awards. The relevant official record shall be made of the panel’s decision and the award winners shall be notified personally on October 20. The panel members shall visit the FLORAL INSTALLATIONS and reach their decision on the same day on which the awards are announced.

8.- Payment method.

The winning artists shall receive the sum of their prizes by bank transfer upon submission of an invoice with the relevant tax deduction in accordance with the tax withholding laws established in Spain and in the respective countries where the winners reside for tax purposes.

9.- Ownership of the work and author’s rights.
The winning FLORAL INSTALLATION shall become the property of ZIZAI CULTURA, which may reproduce it wherever deemed appropriate, provided that the author of the FLORAL INSTALLATION is cited, and the artist shall retain the author’s rights

10.- Transfer of rights.

Through their participation in the competition, the artists accept that photographic and/or audio-visual records may be taken during the set-up, exhibition and dismantling of the FLORAL INSTALLATION, as well as of the process and the individuals answering to such parties who are involved in executing the installation. They also authorize subsequent use of such photographs and/or recordings for the purposes of disseminating and/or promotion of the Festival. These photographs and/or recordings may be reproduced (in flyers, social networks, the website, publications and/or any other media channel or format), distributed and disclosed to the public (in any media channel, whether radio, the press, television, the Internet or any other channel) with no territorial restrictions whatsoever, and the image rights regarding said individuals, as well as the rights of reproduction, distribution and public disclosure, including making them available to the public, in any manner of use, shall cover all the countries in the world. The uses for which the rights are transferred refer to activities directly related to the FLORA International Flower Festival.

Final rules: By participating in this call for entries, the parties fully agree to the terms and conditions herein.

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