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Call for FLORA 2021 Talent Patio Proposals – Floral installation in FLORA competition. International Flower Festival 202

FLORA International Flower Festival is an international competition of contemporary floral art that takes place in October in Cordoba.

The best floral artists in the world participate in FLORA with site-specific installations set up in some of the most important institutional patios in the city. Each year, these artists compete for one of FLORA’s cash prizes: first prize is worth 25,000 euros and second prize is 10,000 euros.

In the three previous editions, 19 artists from 11 countries took part in FLORA: Thierry Boutemy (France), Mark Colle (Belgium), Hideyuki Niwa (Japan), Mary Lennox (Australia), Natalia Zhizhko (Russia), Tomas de Bruyne (Belgium), Isabel Marías (Spain), Waterlily Pond (USA), PHKA (Thailand), Lisa Waud (USA), Loose Leaf (Australia), Alfie Lin (China), Flores Cosmos (Mexico), In Water Flowers (UK), Flor Motion (Spain), Patrick Nadeau (France), Carly Rogers (UK), Lola Guerrera (Spain) and Sherlovell You (China).

One of the goals of FLORA is to help contemporary floral art expand and to generate talent within this discipline. To this end we have opened up this call for FLORA Talent Patio proposals for the 2021 edition.

FLORA Talent Patio aims to provide an opportunity for artists or groups that have not yet done any major floral installations to create an installation that will be presented at the competition along with the other four installations in the festival designed by some of the world’s leading international floral artists.

1. Procedure

Any individuals or groups that are interested in participating in this call for proposals should send their CV, a project description and other required information within the deadlines indicated in this document.

When the application deadline has elapsed, a qualified panel of experts (henceforth, the “Talent Patio Panel”) will assess the applications received. The Talent Patio Panel may ask the applicants for any other detailed information they may require.

After 20 August EXTENDED TO August 25th, the Talent Patio Panel will announce the winning proposal, which shall, from then on, be subject to the same procedures as the other installations competing in the festival. The floral installations will be presented to the public in October at FLORA 2021, vying for one of two festival prizes to be awarded by a toprate international panel: a 25,000-euro first prize and 10,000-euro second prize.

2. Documents to be submitted

Any natural person or legal entity (groups, associations, etc.) that is registered with the Social Security authorities may participate in this call for proposals. The winner or winners of this call for proposals must meet the necessary requirements for assembly of the proposed installation in terms of workplace health and safety according to the laws in force, and the festival organizers may demand any work certificates required to work on floral installations (occupational hazard prevention, work at heights, etc.) prior to starting assembly work.

2.1 Candidate’s curriculum vitae and project dossier.

The CV must reflect the candidate’s professional career and include a selection of artistic work done (and floral work, if any), accompanied by images of the work.

2.2 Project description.

The project description must be no longer than 20 pages and must contain the following:

2.2.1 Letter of motivation. Conceptualisation. Idea.

The theme of FLORA 2021 is “Strength”. The proposals must be based on this theme and must develop a concept around it.

2.2.2 Material description.

The candidates must submit a description of the proposed materials to be used, bearing in mind that the Talent Patio Panel will assess the financial feasibility and sustainability of these materials. They will also consider the actual likelihood of being able to use those materials at the time of year at which the festival is held. Structural description.

Floral installations are often based on a certain structure (chicken wire, iron, wood, plant materials, etc.). The candidates must draw up a description

detailing the type of structure they will use and their approach to assembling that structure. Description of flowers and plants used.

The candidates must prepare a description/list of the plants and flowers to be used, bearing in mind the festival dates (October) and the possibility of finding the proposed plants and flowers on the market, as well as the durability of those plants and flowers throughout the 6 days that the installation will remain in place.

2.2.3 Budget and work schedule.

The candidates must submit a detailed budget for the creation and assembly of the installation based on the technical documentation, which must be requested from the festival organizers ( To receive this technical documentation, please send a request email to this address ( along with the candidate’s curriculum vitae and project dossier specified in point 2.1.

In addition, the candidates must submit a work schedule based on the festival timing, detailed information on which shall be sent to the candidates, bearing in mind that installation assembly will take place over 4 days (from Monday, 11 October to Thursday, 14 October) and that the installation will be presented to the panel early in the day on 15 October.

3. Assessment of proposals

The Talent Patio Panel will take the following factors into account when assessing the proposals received:
1) Idea
2) Feasibility of execution
3) Budget
4) Sustainability of the proposal

The panel will pay close attention not only to how original and brilliant the idea is, but also to the actual possibilities of implementing it within the available budget and timing.

Other aspects will also be assessed, including:
-Durability of the installation: it must remain on display for six days.
-Proportion of flowers and plants used in relation to the chosen structure: the structure must be strong enough and cannot cost more than the budget amount allocated to plant materials.

4. Participation conditions

4.1 The candidates must contact the festival organizers by e-mail at to request the technical details of the specific patio in Cordoba (Spain) where the project will be implemented, as well as any other details concerning production.

4.2 Each candidate can only submit one proposal.

4.3 Due to mobility restrictions related to COVID-19, the scope of participation for proposals in 2021 includes all the countries in Europe. Artists that currently reside outside of Europe cannot participate, even if they are European nationals.

4.4 The theme on which the proposals must be inspired is “Strength”, and based on this concept, each candidate must find their specific inspiration for their installation.

4.5 By participating in the FLORA Talent Patio call for proposals, the candidates fully accept all the conditions herein, without exception, and are therefore bound to strictly comply with all such conditions at all times.

5. Sending applications

Interested applicants must send an e-mail to with the subject “Talent Patio Call for Proposals”. The festival organizers will send interested applicants all the technical information.

Proposals must be sent by e-mail to by 4 August 2021 at 11:59 pm. EXTENDED TO 18 August 2021 at 11:59 pm. Applications in hard copy format will not be accepted; only digital format is allowed.

The winner will be announced over FLORA’s social media/website after 20 August 2021. EXTENDED TO August 25th.

No correspondence shall take place with the recipients, nor shall any information about the progress of the award be furnished. Any and all announcements relating to the award shall be published on the website and on the festival’s social media after 20 August 2021. Only the winner or winners shall be contacted by the organizers.

By participating in this call for proposals, the participants accept these terms and conditions, agreeing to conclude the contract and accept the copyright assignment conditions of the image of the winning installation. They shall also be bound to execute the installation during the festival dates in the city of Cordoba (Spain) once they submit their proposals to the competition.


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