The Department of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of Andalucía joins the celebration of FLORA through its sponsorship as a means of supporting the cultural initiatives that take place in the Autonomous Community of Andalucía. 

Therefore, for the fifth time, one of the venues of FLORA is the Archeological and Ethnological Museum of Córdoba, which will host a floral installation at the Patio II that convenes a reinterpretation of this historical space from a plant point of view.

The Córdoba Provincial Council supports FLORA, excited about the idea of fostering a budding dialogue between plant culture, which is so intimately tied to our sense of identity, and contemporary art, in a proposal that invites us to discover new languages and expressions that help expand the horizons of the well-rooted floral culture in Cordoba.

The Council shares FLORA’s commitment to the contemporary exploration of the multiple capacities of art based on the plant world, in the certainty that, as in previous editions, FLORA will successfully position Córdoba in a space of nature abuzz with creation.

Viana Palace has opened up its premises to contemporary floral creation, generating a unique space in which to smell, see and feel art. It is also offering visitors a sensory and historical tour of its spaces: Viana is home to five centuries of history, twelve patios and countless sensations.

In addition, Fundación Cajasur, together with FLORA, has announced its artistic assistance programme, which enables 18 individuals with an interest in floral art to experience the Festival by working directly with the guest artists.

The Córdoba Cathedral Chapter, or Cabildo, is participating in FLORA for the second time in this 2022 edition, offering the iconic Patio de los Naranjos in the Córdoba Mosque-Cathedral as an inspirational space, where it will host one of the contemporary floral art installations in this year’s competition. Thus, the chapter institution continues its long tradition of service to society and culture in Córdoba, which it has been performing for eight centuries now.

Universidad Loyola joins the FLORA Festival for the second time this year as an example of its firm commitment to the city of Córdoba and support for initiatives that bolster the city’s international image, particularly events like this one, in which sustainability plays a key role and art, culture and talent become intertwined with the deep-rooted floral tradition in Córdoba.

Turismo Andalucía joins forces with the latest edition of FLORA Festival in order to contribute to promoting the attractions on offer in Andalusia and Córdoba, support the tourism and cultural sector and promote the region as a whole. As our campaign says, ‘No joy in life is small’, and events such as FLORA are also a great source of excitement and emotion, offering visitors a unique experience. Because Andalusia is all about happiness and enjoying the small things at any time and in any place.



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