FLORA International Award 2022

FLORA, International Flower Festival, wants to recognise the work of the best floral artists in the world through these awards of international relevance. Two major awards, chosen by an international jury and endowed with €25,000 and €10,000 respectively, put this Festival, which takes place in a city like Cordoba, with a close relationship with the world of flowers, on the international map. FLORA is an original idea of Zizai Cultura SL.

1.- Purpose and theme.
The aim of this call is to encourage and stimulate creativity and originality in the creation of FLORAL INSTALLATIONS made according to the explicit theme, METAMORPHOSIS. The aim is to combine the traditional Cordovan culture of the courtyards with the current contemporary art of floral installations.

2.- Participants and requirements.
For this fifth edition, the participants will be artists from all over the world, invited by direct invitation by the Festival, who will be commissioned to create a FLOWER INSTALLATION in an institutional courtyard selected in consensus with the event organisers. In addition to the 4 direct invitations, the participant will be invited to participate in the Patio Talento.

3.- Works.
Each artist may present a single original and creative FLOWER INSTALLATION, made with flowers or natural plants.

4.- Publication of the call for entries and submission of applications.
The call for entries will be published on the Festival website and other communication channels considered by the organisers.

5.- Prizes.
1st International FLORA Prize for Floral Installations 2022: 25.000 €.
2nd International FLORA Prize for Floral Installations 2022: 10.000 €.
The prizes cannot remain unclaimed. The official prize-giving ceremony will take place on Friday 21 October in the city of Cordoba. The decision and notification of the winners will be made at this event and will then be communicated on the Festival’s website and other channels considered by the organisers.

6.- Judging criteria.
FLORA is not a technical but an artistic Festival, so artists are not obliged to follow specific floral technical rules, except that they must work with real flowers and/or plants, not with flowers made of paper, plastic or other materials. FLORA gives priority to the artistic aspects of the installation and its integration into the courtyard over the technical details of the installation. The jury, in its deliberation and evaluation of the FLORAL INSTALLATIONS, will take into account the following criteria:

6.1 Conceptual quality
6.2 Formal quality
6.3 Dialogue with the space
6.4 Sustainability
6.5 Originality
6.6 Preparation
6.7 Effort in its realisation
6.8 Excellence

The jury, with the prior agreement of the organisers, reserves the right to interpret this call for entries and to resolve any cases not covered and/or any unforeseen circumstances, according to its best judgement and in the most convenient way for the development of the competition. The jury shall reach its decisions by majority vote and its decisions shall be final.

7.- Jury.
The jury will be appointed by the organisers and will always be made up of an odd number of no less than three members. A representative of the organisation will be present throughout the process and will have the right to speak but not to vote. The jury may be made up of professionals or representatives of private or institutional, national or international entities, selected by the organisers, who meet the criteria of professionalism, experience and prestige and have a direct relationship with the world of flowers and/or art and/or culture. The jury must be familiar with and respect the evaluation criteria set out in the terms and conditions of the awards. The jury’s verdict will be recorded in the corresponding minutes and will be communicated personally to the winners on 21 October. The visit of the juries to the FLORAL INSTALLATIONS and the deliberation of the jury will take place on the same day as the announcement of the prizes.

8.- Payment procedure.
The prize-winning artists will receive the amounts of their prizes, by bank transfer and on presentation of an invoice, with the corresponding tax discount in accordance with the tax withholding laws established in Spain and in their respective countries of tax residence.

9.- Ownership of the work and reproduction rights.
The prize-winning FLOWER INSTALLATION becomes the property of ZIZAI CULTURA, which may reproduce it wherever it sees fit, always making reference to the authorship of the FLOWER INSTALLATION and the artist retaining the copyright.

10.- Transfer of rights.
By participating in the competition, the artist authorises the photographic and/or audiovisual recording, during the assembly, exhibition and dismantling, both of the FLOWER INSTALLATION and of the intervention and of the persons for whom he/she is responsible and who are going to execute the said installation. The subsequent use of such photographs and/or recordings for informative and/or promotional purposes of the Festival is also authorised, and they may be reproduced (in informative leaflets, social networks, website, publications and/or any other medium or support), distributed and communicated publicly (through any medium, whether radio, press, television, Internet or any other media), press, television, Internet or any other), with no territorial limitations whatsoever and covering all countries in the world, both the image rights of the aforementioned persons and the rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication, including making them available to the public, in any of their forms of exploitation. The uses for which the rights are assigned refer to actions directly related to FLORA International Flower Festival.

Final rules: The mere participation in this call for entries implies full acceptance of the rules and regulations of this call for entries.


An original idea by Zizai Cultura

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