After a long period of inactivity imposed by an international crisis and the encouraging realisation of the strength that both humans and nature have to carry on, the time has come to reinvent ourselves, to find new and better ways of doing things: the time of metamorphosis, where our priority should be the care and respect for nature. That is the proposed theme of the 5th FLORA International Flower Festival: “Metamorphosis”.

As it does every October, this year FLORA will once again make Córdoba a beacon for the world’s finest floral artists and anyone interested in exploring botany from an artistic perspective. In just four editions, FLORA has become a highlight of the global floriculture calendar for one powerful reason: Córdoba is the only place in the world where visitors can see such a wide and dazzling array of floral installations by international artists in a single day.

After the limitations imposed by the pandemic, for this fifth edition FLORA has once again invited artists from around the world—not just Europeans, as in the previous edition—to offer a global overview of the finest contemporary floral art. 

The creative talents selected to participate in FLORA stand out for the quality of their work and their worldwide reputation, but they also possess a contemporary artistic vision of flowers beyond their merely decorative or festive uses. Having the finest international floral installation artists come to Córdoba to create site-specific works for different courtyards is a rare opportunity that the public and professionals have eagerly seized since day one: the festival has received nearly 1,200,000 visitors in the four editions held to date.

FLORA is more than floral installations, although these constitute its heart and raison d’être. Since the third edition, it has offered an attractive line-up of complementary activities that enrich the festival’s global approach to the world of flowers and plants. With the involvement of the city and prestigious Spanish and international guests, FLORA’s complementary activities offer a participatory, cross-cutting vision of the botanical world. While Córdoba, with its courtyards, its folk festivals, its aesthetic, and its citizens’ intimate knowledge of plants and flowers, is already famed as the “city of flowers”, FLORA brings it one step closer to becoming the leading international destination for anyone with an interest in floriculture.

FLORA is an original idea by Zizai Cultura.


Every October FLORA once again makes Cordoba the focal point and object of desire for the best floral artists in the world and for anyone interested in approaching nature through the prism of art. In just four editions, FLORA has managed to position itself on the international agenda of flower culture with a powerful weapon: nowhere else in the world is it possible to visit a selection of floral installations by international artists on the same day as the one enjoyed in Cordoba every October.

The artists selected to participate in FLORA stand out not only for their quality and international recognition, but also for projecting an artistic and contemporary view of the floral, beyond the merely decorative or festive. The fact that the best international artists of floral installations come to Cordoba to create a site-specific work, designed expressly for the patio in which they work, is a unique opportunity that the general public, artists and professionals have been able to appreciate from the very first moment: almost a million visits in the three editions held so far attest to this.

FLORA is not just about floral installations, although these are its core and driving force. Since its third edition, the festival has been complemented by an ambitious programme of parallel activities that enrich the festival's global approach to the world of flowers and plants. With the involvement of the city and the participation of prestigious national and international figures, FLORA's parallel activities form a transversal and participative view of nature.

If Cordoba - its courtyards, its popular festivals, its aesthetics, the familiarity of its inhabitants with plants and flowers - has become "the city of flowers", FLORA represents a new step, the most international one, in its destiny to become a place of reference for anyone interested in flower culture.

FLORA is an original idea of Zizai Hotels.


An original idea by Zizai Cultura

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