Bodegones FLORA

Masterclass with Daniel Santamaría

Daniel Santamaría will gave a Masterclass specially designed for FLORA. This recognized floral artist has combined in his career his artistic side with a significant teaching work.



On this Masterclass, Daniel Santamaría shared his artistic philosophy while teaching the essential notions of floral Art. Besides that, he show to the public how to create a floral arrangement specifically designed for a Patio. A theoretical training session apt for everybody where the public discovered the secrets of a Number one.


October 28, 7 pm

Door opening at 6.30 pm

Centro de Recepción de Visitantes de Córdoba


Free entry upon online registration.  

Guided tours

FLORA, International Flower Festival invited the public to know some of the floral installations that have been part of its first edition, that took place between 20 and 29 October.


Guided by a professional on the field of Art, the public was able able to know how this 8 international floral artists have reinterpreted some of the Patios of Córdoba. The tours started at Archivo Municipal and Palacio de Orive (check your reservation) and took one hour and a half. Comfortable footwear was recommended for the walk.



22 October/ 12 am and 6 pm

23 October/ 6 pm

24 October/ 6 pm

25 October/ 6 pm

26 October/ 6 pm

27 October/ 6 pm

28 October/ 12 am and 6 pm

29 October/ 12 am and 6 pm