Tomas De Bruyne


Paradise: Delirium and desire

Ángel Saavedra, 9


From 20th to 29th October
11 am to 8 pm



This Belgian artist’s proposal is an invitation to experience paradise inspired by Cordovan filigree. “With my admiration and respect for the traditions of Cordoba”, as the artist himself explains, “and for this extraordinary city, along with the desire to carry on and keep the legacy of the patios alive”, De Bruyne once again manages to combine two concepts into his work, which only a master can unite: the spectacular and the delicate.


Boasting a long list of awards in floral art competitions, he also participates as a panel member. In addition to his work as a floral artist, he is an outstanding instructor and has published important work in the world of flowers. In 2013, he created and patented his own variety of Gloriosa lily, or climbing lily: Gloriosa Tomas De Bruyne. For this reason, and because of how spectacular, though also delicate, his work typically is, he is one of the best-known floral artists on the international scene.


Music of the installation: Nature of Love (Zen Tranquility)