Patrick Nadeau


In the shape of a vase

Plaza Jerónimo Paez, 7


From 20th to 29th October
11 am to 8 pm



While in the patios the plants redesign the space with sensitivity and fantasy, here movement is the other way around: the flowers leap from the walls, into a gigantic glass that floats over the fountain, which is reminiscent of an ornamental pruning covered in ivy. As our gaze moves among the potted plants, a gust of autumn, like pixels that paint a colourful spherical landscape. Nadeau shares his interest for archaeology and reflects on the transformation of shapes and the passage of time. Long live the changing seasons!


The work of this architect with a passion for plants and flowers falls under the label of “vegetal design”. He is also known for his teaching work, as research lecturer at the ESAD de Reims where he created the first vegetal design studio in an art school in Europe. His installations mix material from nature with artificial elements, endeavouring to introduce the natural element into our lives (he designs wonderful pots and stands for interior plants). Contemporary Art Foundation, Elle Déco, Hermès and Kenzo-Parfums are a few of his customers. He has been artistic director of the French firm, Laorus, since 2016.