FLORA, International Flower Festival will celebrate its first edition between 20th and 29th October, 2017.

In FLORA, 8 international floral artists will each have the opportunity to transform the patios of this festival into 8 wonderful spaces, establishing a tour of memory, heritage, culture and art. These spectacular and ephemeral floral installations will be created for the event and they just could be visited for free during those days.

The artists will take an unprecedented look at our Heritage and will therefore reinterpret the famous patios of Córdoba, from many different points of view and cultural factors. FLORA, International Flower Festival presents a unique cultural exchange between contemporary art and the popular tradition of the famous patios of Córdoba, an open dialogue between innovation and customs in 8 of the institutional patios of the city.

Our Festival will recognize as well the work of the best floral artists in the world, an artistic universe yet to be known by many people and that lacks an international award so far. Three prizes of 60,000, 40,000 and 20,000€ will be granted by an international jury of maximum prestige. All in a city with such an important link with flowers as Córdoba.

FLORA is a joint initiative of Zizai Hotels SL

and Córdoba City Council.